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Factors To Consider While Selecting A Contract Manufacturer For Precision Machined Components?

by | Nov 21, 2022

Precision components are highly precise machinery parts manufactured following the client’s specific requirements. These components are used for industrial and machine-based companies in different applications. Intricate features and exact specifications are required for manufacturing precision machined components as they must provide an exact fit with other components. Therefore, there is no scope for error while manufacturing these components.

The contract manufacturing companies provide individual parts or complete product fabrication for your production needs. A good contract manufacturer act not just as a supply chain vendor but, with their skills, they can deliver consistent quality and maintain your reputation by meeting the quality standards. These autonomous production solutions are great, especially for precision machined components. With good precision machined components produced by a contract manufacturer, one can save time and money.

At Violin Technologies, we keep ourselves on par with industries and help deliver precision. Check out this ultimate guide on choosing the right manufacturing partner for precision machined components.

Need For Contract Manufacturing

The good thing about contract manufacturers is that they already have the necessary industry-specific certifications, technologies, and infrastructure. No matter how small a product or part a customer needs, the scale for production pre-exists with them. With several specialized facilities, workers with considerable experience, and equipment increasing batch sizes while cutting the lead times happen effortlessly without compromising quality standards. This is of great help if a customer’s demand is uncertain and is prone to fluctuation. Depending on production needs, the businesses may want to partner with a manufacturer having greater quality assurance capabilities.

But what exactly are the factors to consider before selecting a contract manufacturer for precision machined components? Read on to learn the important factors to understand while selecting a contract manufacturing partner.

Points To Consider While Selecting A Contract Manufacturer For Precision Machined Components


The documentation and communication from the manufacturing partner are important criteria. The outsourcing to manufacturing precision machined components should be smooth, wherein the customer is not given any stress due to a lack of communication.

Supply chain management:

An effective supply chain management team will go a long way in delivering the product at the right time. The management team manages incoming materials and other operations that are outsourced. Hence, when choosing the contract manufacturer, this is an essential factor in the manufacturing process that should not be overlooked.

Experience and expertise:

The right manufacturer would be the source of the right expertise in the industry, having ample knowledge of complex products, industry regulations, and more.


Always consider confidentiality agreements before discussing product designs or other production requirements with the contract manufacturer.

Quality control:

Quality is a factor that can never be neglected, especially for machining. Before outsourcing it to a contractor, it is imperative to know how they handle machining quality control. For instance, if a customer wants tight tolerances of components, then it is necessary to ask about final inspections and work-in-process checks. A survey team could also double-check to ensure regular documentation and discipline are followed.

Quality is a factor that can never be neglected, especially for machining. | ViolinTec

Production management capabilities:

Determining factors like the manufacturer’s capacity and their scale to produce higher quantities, resources, and technology is important to analyze the feasibility of a contract manufacturer for precision machined components. The customer should, in the end, be capable of learning about the manufacturer’s history in the delivery and shipping areas.

Project managers:

Working with a dedicated project manager gives the customer a dedicated frequency of communication and updates on manufacturing. It shouldn’t be that only when an issue arises that the contractor updates the customer. Seamless modes of communication with the project manager should be established.

On-time delivery:

Timely delivery is a crucial factor to remember while outsourcing machined components to a potential manufacturing partner. This helps the customer stay ahead of the competition as well.

Compliance and quality standards:

The contract manufacturer should always meet government-specified norms and other compliance requirements. Violin Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with Quality Management System (QMS) to demonstrate the ability to deliver products and services that meet customers’ expectations and comply with regulatory requirements.

Continuous improvement:

Constant improvement is part and parcel of making the manufacturing process more efficient and accurate to meet customer requirements. The manufacturing industry always has a scope for continuous improvement, which can be achieved by streamlining processes and reducing errors.

Contract fees:

The total cost of shipping and packaging should be considered while selecting a manufacturer. Consider how the costs affect scaling up the equipment, internal labor, and infrastructure. Volume discounts are another factor related to pricing that the customer should consider.

Raw material selection:

The selection of appropriate raw materials is a vital factor in manufacturing. Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, steel, copper, and plastics are commonly used materials for manufacturing precision machined components. The material should be chosen to fit their specific function and match the machine or system they are mounted in. Choose a manufacturer who understands the production requirements and is capable enough to handle the design capacity of the precision machined components.

Lead time:

Last but not least, one of the most critical factors in finding a contract manufacturer is the lead time. The shorter the lead time, the more competitive edge the customer can have over their competitors, and thus, with competitive pricing, a greater profit.


The right contract manufacturer is an amalgamation of all these factors and more but what’s important is to analyze the value they would add to the customer. With pricing, communication, and quality being the lead pillars of decision, the factors in choosing would always vary from customer to customer and the kind of component they want to outsource.

At Violin Technologies, we provide manufacturing capabilities to precision machined components,  wire harnesses,  electromechanical assemblies, and much more. Our logistic support and warehouse capacities are perfect for optimizing manufacturing throughout the entire production process. High-quality outputs at an optimum price are some of the factors Violin Technologies provides to become one of the most trusted vendor partners, especially for precision machined components. Catering to global supply needs with a localized approach is our motive.

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