ISO 9001:2015 Certified      |      ISO 13485 Certified in QMS for Medical Devices      |      AS9100D Certified in QMS for Aerospace and General Engineering Applications.

Engineering Staffing

Our Manufacturing capabilities are complemented with our engineering services.
We understand the importance of time to market for every product.

Sourcing & Vendor Consolidation

Engineering Staffing

Reverse Logistics

Engineering Staffing

We offer couple of options to the customer

Project Based Engineering Service
When it comes to project-based service offering, we work with the customer on design strategy, which enable us to map your ideas that help us identify and connect to your global fulfillment needs. Along with design strategy, we develop a formulated plan with customer guidance on user experience Design. Once these things are finalized, product design and development follow through. Coming from a manufacturing background, we understand the importance of Design for manufacturability during volume production and we stick to it from the get-go.

Build Your Own Team ( BYOT)
We help augment your Engineering, Design and Supply chain work force by understanding customer requirements and Identifying potential candidates. Manage interview process with the customer with full cycle recruitment and team retention

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