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Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are an integral part of every electrical connection and electronic equipment. Apart from household and industrial applications, custom cable assemblies are useful in a myriad of fields, one of them being the health care industry. Medical devices play a vital role in saving a person’s life, due to which wire manufacturers need to pay extreme attention while supplying custom cable assemblies for this industry. The specifications of these cable assemblies are precise and detailed, as they undergo severe testing and exposure.

Difference between wire harness and cable assembly

There is a difference between wire harnesses and cable assemblies, just as a cable and a wire. A wire is a single strand of a metal that conducts electricity, while a cable is a bunch of wires kept within an enclosure for protection. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies: both contain wires and cables, but a cable assembly consists of an outer sheath that offers a greater degree of protection than a wire harness does to its components.

Where are Cable assemblies Used in HealthCare?

There are wide applications of cable assemblies in the healthcare industry. Medical equipment used across various branches of medical sciences contains custom cable assemblies, which wire manufacturers procure on a customized order. Few devices where they find use are (but not limited to) CT Scanners, X-Ray devices, MRI Scanners, Dental Chairs, ECG equipment, Pulse Oximeters, Anesthesia apparatus, Dialysis Equipment, and Endoscopes. Most of these apparatus need electric and electronic components that require custom cable assemblies. Custom cable assemblies are also used in Ultrasound equipment, endoscopes, medical robots, wheelchairs, and dental drills, to name a few.

Custom cable assemblies

Specifications of Cable assemblies Used in Medical Care

  • Reusability: A crucial requirement in the healthcare field is that the cable assembly should withstand the sterilization process if reusable one is used. Disposable ones are also an option, but it requires replacement of the cable assemblies after every use. Wherever it becomes too expensive to replace, the reusable cable assemblies are a better option.
  • Bio-compatibility: Most of the time, medical devices need to come in contact with the patient’s skin and internal organs like nerves, muscles, etc. during treatment, and hence they should be approved by the FDA for bio-compatibility. Cable assemblies used in such devices should be of uncompromising quality.
  • Flexibility: In devices which the patient wears on the body, the wires need to be thin, flexible, and moisture-resistant to be suitable for daily use. They should be soft and long-lasting as it is a tedious task to get them replaced frequently.

Who are the Best Wire Manufacturers for Healthcare Needs?

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