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Wire harnesses are used to keep multiple wires in a part or machine in an organized and safe manner. Wires are used extensively in electronic assemblies across industries. Almost every part that deals with electricity have some wires. Too many wires can get all tangled up and messy. Therefore, wire harnesses are used, not only to optimize space in a piece of electronic assemblies but also to improve efficiency and safety.


What is Wire Harness?

The wire harness is nothing but a bundle of electric wires systematically arranged and covered with insulating material. This additional coverage is typically made of thermoset or thermoplastic material. Wire Harness in electronics is tree-like consisting of an assembly of wires, terminals, fuses, switching units, and connectors that run throughout the vehicle connecting all auto components together. It is a crucial product for the safety and efficiency of power and signal transmission. Significant failures of wire harnesses can compromise the safety and quality of the electronic assemblies. Keeping that in mind, Quality Assurance of Wire harnesses become very vital.

Benefits of using Wire Harness in electronic products:

  • It reduces the risk of short circuits and electrical fires as the harness are made of insulating material.
  • It protects wires against external factors such as abrasion, vibrations, and moisture-related issues.
  • It optimizes space and reduces clutter. Instead of multiple wires scattered all over the place, it is simpler to have one wire unit.
  • It decreases the installation time with a simple plug-and-use system.


Wire harnesses have a wide range of applications across various industries from industries such as Automation, Food equipment, Medical, Railways, Defense, Transportation, Power and energy, Telecom industry, and the list keeps going on.

Custom Cables for Automobile Industry

Custom cables are uniquely made for particular applications in the automobile industry and are made to operate in certain environmental conditions which increases their working life. They are made with the intent to avoid system failures, replacement costs and increase performance. You must look for experienced Custom Cable Manufacturers of wire harnesses according to the customer’s detailed specifications. to fit all your needs.

Factors to Check the Quality of Wire Harness for Auto Components:

  • Assembly line quality
  • Ability to operate under different Environmental conditions
  • Safety Certification
  • Type of wire used such as material, gauge, length, and so on.
  • Conducting, Sheath, and insulating material used.
  • Current and Voltage Capacity

How to Selection Criteria for choosing the  best manufacturers of Wiring Harness in India:

Now, Let’s look into some criteria on how to choose the best wire harness manufacturing company in India.

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✔ Resources and Tools used in Manufacturing Process

The size of the manufacturing plant, its capacity, and its workforce is vital when choosing a custom cable assemblies manufacturer. Smaller firms have limited resources as compared to larger ones, which have additional resources and a far more experienced workforce to deal with complex orders. They also have the latest technologies and equipment along with vast resources in their manufacturing facilities to deliver a sophisticated product with specific requirements in less time.

✔ Safety Parameters

Wire harness manufacturing must meet all safety parameters set up by the client so that it is safe to use by operators for any operation. It should be safe, reliable, strong, durable, and made up of high-quality material.

✔ Quality Assurance

Quality of product matters the most for any customer. Therefore, every wire harness manufacturer must have high standards set for the quality of the product. Companies test their products to assure the quality of their products. However, some companies have more detailed quality checks and follow more steps to ensure that the product meets their set standards and is free from any defects. You need to look for wire harness manufacturing companies that perform quality assurance tests at every stage of their manufacturing process, not just their final product.

✔ Ability to meet Customer’s Requirements

If you are in need of large quantities of products, then you must look for those wiring harness manufacturers with the capacity to fulfill your order. The firm must have sufficient resources, equipment, and capability to manufacture such large batches without compromising the quality of the product. However, if you need small quantities then look for smaller firms because generally, large firms don’t accept small orders.

Along with the quality of the product, insulation material and protective shields used also matter. It depends on the requirement, environment, and application of the cable harness, and is decided by experts and professionals. Therefore, wire harness manufacturers must have a team of experienced professionals to take care of the overall design of harness cable assembly. They should also guide you on how to handle the custom cable assemblies for your application. Firms must also ensure that all requirements specified by the customers are met.

✔ Product Testing and Verification:

Verification and Testing of the product are done to make sure that the product meets every single requirement specified by the customer and performs appropriately under its working environment and all its applications. This feature is offered by almost all good wire harness manufacturers in India.


Summing Up

Customer demands and industry trends keep on changing. Therefore, you must choose the right Wiring harness manufacturer that will keep up with the latest demands and technologies to offer you the best products and services.

You must choose the Best Wire harness manufacturers in India which match all the criteria set above and provide top-class products and services to their clients across all industries worldwide. The whole process between customers and firms must be transparent about manufacturing processes so that no issues and misconceptions arise later.

A good wire harness manufacturer will thoroughly guide the customer through the complete manufacturing process of wire harnesses including blueprint, methodology, use of specific materials, different production steps, safety procedures, quality assurance check, verification and testing processes, and so on. Read and review the interesting articles on ‘how to identify that you need a contract manufacturer’ in our blogs section